Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) describes the way telephone calls are transmitted over the internet.
There are several advantages to using the internet for telephone calls:

  • New telephone numbers can normally be provisioned almost instantly.
  • Calls between internet telephone numbers are generally free.
    Having multiple users on your account would mean you could make free calls between users from wherever you are.
  • Calls to landline or mobile numbers are generally much cheaper than landline providers. Check our current call charges.
  • Existing numbers can be transferred easily from most providers.
  • Using a free mobile app you can make and receive calls from your local telephone number from wherever you happen to be in the world.
    We recommend using WiFi connections when making internet calls on your mobile phone to avoid data charges.

There are no contracts for this pay as you go service.

Visit our VOIP page to check call charges, place an order or transfer your number.

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