IT Support

We can provide IT support for most domestic and business environments.

Choose whichever suits you best, either Pay As You Go Support (PAYGS) or on a subscription basis.

PAYGS might be best if you only expect to use our services occasionally.
To use this service, either
purchase support (if not already a customer),
– or login to your account and create a support ticket.
We will evaluate and give an estimate of cost (number of hours at £40/hour)  which is the price you will pay, no extras. Assuming we get confirmation the work will be completed and we will invoice you for the agreed cost. If we cannot solve your problem you will not be charged.

Subscription will be more cost effective for organisations with multiple PC’s or a more complex infrastructure setup.
If you have a relatively large number of PC’s the monthly cost of £10/PC/month may seem quite high, but consider what you get – unlimited access to our support services.
To use this service simply purchase a subscription for the appropriate number of devices, when you need support login to your account, create a support ticket and we’ll provide a solution.

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