Domain Registration

A domain name is needed to map the internet address of your server to a memorable name.

Your choice of domain name is important, it should be bot memorable and capture your identity  or brand.

Domains names consist of two parts which together make a unique name for your site;

  1. A top level domain name (TLD). This is the domain name suffix and common examples are .com and
  2. An arbitrary prefix. There are some rules around what characters this prefix can contain, basically just letters, numbers, period (or full stop), hyphen and underscore.

A lot of people make the assumption that because they are in the UK they need to use a or .com domain name. That is definitely not true.
There are around 700 TLD’s that can be used to register a domain name. These can be used to make your domain name much more memorable, especially is you get creative with the use of full stops and hyphens.

Of those 700 top level domains we can register approximately 400.
Current prices are available for download.

Just pay for an additional year’s renewal, and your domain transfer is on us!
Transfer .uk domains for free! All you need is your current registrar IPS-TAG to transfer your .uk,, and .me uk domains to us.

Our website hosting packages all include one domain name of your choice free of charge for the life of your package.

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