Tired of seeing package names like Bronze, Silver and Gold; so were we.
That is why we choose to name our packages after dogs, past and present, gives us a nice, warm fluffy feeling.

All of our hosting packages include:

  • One domain name of your choice free of charge. (if needed)
  • Free SSL certificate, see our recent post on why you need this.
  • No limit on network traffic between your site and it’s visitors.
  • Daily backups.
  • Ongoing support for your server and site including site install and configuration.

If you don’t want to manage your own content then simply email it to us and we will update your site for you. If you want full control over your content than we can arrange that as well.

Typically your site will share a server with up to 20 other sites. We have found this ratio of sites to server works well for us. Compare that with some other providers where there may be several hundred sites on a single server,

We can also provide servers dedicated to your site, this would be a variation of our Phoenix package. Please contact us for details.

Please note: We apply a storage quota to every package of 5GB. You are free to exceed this but if you do we will ask you to purchase additional storage at £2/month/5GB.


Middle of the road package, good for low to medium traffic websites.
Includes one database, ideal for a WordPress or static starter site.


Custom package, tell us what sort of site you want and we’ll provide the server, install and configure the software and provide unlimited support.
From £40/month

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