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Web hosting and servers

While we make every effort to ensure availability we cannot guarantee that your server will be available 100% of the time. We do however aim for 99% available – we will usually use the time when servers are unavailable to carry out maintenance.
We will try to always inform you in advance of maintenance outages but this may not always be possible.

You agree not to use your server to host illegal, offensive, pornographic or any content which may contravene any law.
Upon discovery of such content your account will be immediately suspended and (if applicable) law enforcement agencies will be contacted.

You also agree not to use your server(s)  for any streaming (audio, or other) services or as a Torrent server.

Domain registrations

We use the services of world-wide domain registrars to handle registrations and transfers on our behalf, Yay.com and Gandi.net.
You are free to register your domain directly with them (or any other registrar) if you so wish.
If you do that then maintenance of your domain is your sole responsibility and we cannot support that.


For the avoidance of doubt: 
The purchase of any of our products and/or services does not include any of the featured dogs. Neither are any of the featured dogs for sale.

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